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Reminder: You ARE Getting a
Dividend Check This Year!

In case you missed our earlier notice this summer about our dividends in 2020, the WILMIC board did declare a dividend in 2020.

If you have been insured with WILMIC for a while, you may have been used to receiving your dividend check in April. However, this year, there is a change in the timing of the checks. Because of new administrative procedures, dividend payments are going out when your policy ends, as long as your policy was in effect on March 10 of this year.

So, for example, if your policy expires in September, you would receive the dividend in early October.

Don’t worry if you have not received your dividend check yet, because it’s still on the way. It’s just coming a little bit later than in past years.

WILMIC has paid out almost $10 million in dividend payments to policyholders since 1999, including approximately $357,000 this year.