About Our Insurance

About Our Insurance / Policies

Professional Liability Insurance

Group 572

Supplemental Coverage

Group 572

Abstracter and Title Insurance Agent Coverage

Lawyers who act as abstracters or title insurance agents in the course of providing legal services may wish to add this coverage by endorsement.

Intellectual Property (IP) Coverage

WILMIC’s policy includes coverage for Intellectual Property work.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Group 572

As an attorney, your clients trust you with confidential information. For criminals, getting their hands on your clients’ financial records, social security numbers, depositions and medical history is extremely valuable.

With legal professionals often taking work home and storing client data on mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops, it is critical to put sufficient protection in place.

Court Bonds

Group 572

For attorneys needing a court bond, WILMIC offers a full range of probate and other court bonds, underwritten by experienced, knowledgeable underwriters. You may need a bond for a wide variety of matters such as estate management, appeals, injunctions, TRO’s, and replevin actions.

We make purchasing a court bond as simple and cost effective as possible, and everything you need to purchase a court bond is just a click away.

We also offer quick turnaround (typically 24-48 hours) and competitive rates.